21 days of soul and cellular level shifting


Release the old you. Embrace the older you. Become who you were always meant to be!


At some point you know it’s inevitable. How much longer can you carry on living this half-life? The simple truth is that whether you WANT to or not, it’s becoming more and more obvious that you MUST unbecome this version you’ve worked so hard to create your entire life and just allow the version of you you were always meant to be to shine through.


You were born for more, born to BE more. You know it…you’ve probably known it for some time, secretly felt the internal pull to change, the whispers to BE MORE, the act of pleasing others and stuffing down your brilliance slowly but surely destroying you.


So how much longer until you finally give in?


You can’t fight it forever…OK, well you can, and you might, but it will kill you. Maybe just metaphorically but is that really any better than actual physical death?


The truth is whatever you have in you – all your difference, your brilliance, your uniqueness – it MUST come out.


And that’s your job, that’s the work you have to do. Release it. Allow it. Surrender to it.


And you know this. It’s scary and exhilarating and a million other emotions all wrapped up together but you still KNOW. It simply has to be done.


So what is it that stops you? What could be so powerful that it prevents you from being who you KNOW you were born to be?


I don’t believe it’s fear.


I don’t believe it’s a lack of self-worth.


It’s simply and essentially and seemingly impossibly the need to release the old…


And to CHOOSE to be something different. Choose to UNBECOME what you’ve worked so hard to create and consciously BECOME the version of you you were born to be, the version you were always MEANT to be!


So I invite you to join UNBECOMING.


Release the old you. Embrace the older you. Become who you were always meant to be!


Yes, you’ve got a million and one reasons why you can’t do this. You’ve got countless old beliefs and patterns and identities and stories telling you –


I’m not ENOUGH.


I don’t DESERVE it.

I’m not BRAVE enough.


I’ve GIVEN UP already.


Blah, blah, blah. Sorry to sound disrespectful…but not sorry! Aren’t you exhausted from all of the pretending?!


The same.old.stuff over and over and over again. Blah, blah, blah!

Keeping you stuck.

Keeping you less than.

Keeping you dulled.


Going through the same patterns again and again because you’re STILL not learning, STILL refusing to see, STILL not acknowledging all that you are and can be and always have been.


STILL refusing to do the DAMN WORK!


To look inside, face it all head on, and then – finally – phew, let it go!


No one is doing this to you. This is your CHOICE!


No one has the power to keep you from becoming all that you came here to be. Except YOU.

No one has the power to force you to hide your brilliance. Except YOU.

No one has the right to decide how you should show up. Except YOU.


YOU are making the choice to live this way.

YOU are making the choice to limit yourself.

YOU are making the choice to be less than you can be.




Because you haven’t yet found a way to release the old. To shift – at a cellular level – all the old stories, patterns, behaviours, identities, habits which stop you from UNBECOMING this constructed version of yourself and BECOMING all that you came here to be!


Those barriers to becoming yourself are actually your greatest gifts. Each of them is there for a reason. To show you HOW to be who you came here to be.


You can’t skip straight to UNBECOME. You have to go through the UNBECOMING first. It’s all there to be worked through for a reason.


All the pain.

All the drama.

All the fear.


But it’s time. You can feel it in your soul.


It’s time to lean into all of it

and face it

and allow it

and learn from it

and embrace it

and understand it

and – finally – to release it


It’s time to UNBECOME, once and for all, so that you can BE who you came here to be, BECOME all that you came here to become so that you can RECEIVE -


The flow of energy and vitality

The flow of money

The flow of love

The flow of health

The flow of fun and play and laughter

The flow of creativity

The flow of purpose

The flow of ease and synchronicity and grace


The flow of ALL THAT YOU ARE and all that you’ve always known you should and could be and do and have.


Everything you’ve been waiting for.


Everything WE’VE been waiting for, because, no pressure, but the world needs this, too!


This is the work we’ve been called to do. To be part of the solution, not the problem. To lead the world in a new way of living. To demonstrate how to show up with authenticity and passion and flow and love.


All of this….this way of being, this course, this teaching…it was always supposed to be.


Your job is to show up and allow and release.


My job is to share with you what comes through me to deliver. To open my soul, to listen to Source, to channel my higher self, to trust that whatever comes up is exactly what’s meant to come up and to deliver the message to you.


Yes, this is deep work. Yes, there is a lot of work to do. But you don’t need to let that overwhelm you.


It’s not about addressing every minute detail of your history and unpicking each story that’s led you to this place – my God, that would be exhausting in itself!


It’s about finding that common thread, the one that holds it all together, and cutting through it to release the rest!


Everything is connected. Everything you’ve become started with a set of core beliefs upon which you built your life. UNBECOMING will allow you to identify them, release them and let everything else fall into place.


It’s not about forcing change. It’s about allowing it. It takes more effort to hold up the lie than to let it tumble away and expose what’s been hiding underneath it.


UNBECOME in your -

Romantic relationships



Work and Purpose






You’ve always known that THIS is the real work. The work of UNBECOMING everything you’ve created to protect yourself from really LIVING.


It’s as simple and as complex as that.


UNBECOMING is about giving yourself the permission to CHOOSE to be you. Unapologetically. Completely. Brilliantly.


Everything that you’ve always known you were born to be. Now.


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Each day over 21 days you’ll receive something from me that I’ve been guided by my highest self to share (a video, EFT tapping exercise, audio training, journaling prompts) to help release the old you, to UNBECOME the carefully constructed version of you, and start opening up to the you who you were born to be.


This is BIG work but only the BIG work results in the BIG changes.


It’s 21 days of transformation, fully supported by me and available to keep for life.


UNBECOMING never felt so good.


Remember –


You were born to flourish!





Click here to pay the full programme fee upfront


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