Your soul always knows

Your soul always knows exactly the right thing for you to do.

Your job is to listen to her and let her be heard.

But instead, you try to think your way through the problem.

I must know what to do.

There’s got to be an answer to this.

Let me write a list of all the good and bad points and then I can analyse them and figure out which one is right for me.

But then you still don’t know because your brain doesn’t have all the information!

It doesn’t have access to the parts of the that get lit up or shut down.

It doesn’t know which choice will fuel your cells with blissful energy and which will shut you off from life.

You’re delegating your choice making to a part of you that’s not prepared for that level of responsibility!

Your soul knows.

Your soul always has the answers

But are you ready to listen?

Often what happens is the soul tells us the answer, but then we jump in with all the reasons why that can’t be the answer.

Because the answer means doing things we might not want to do.

It means owning things we’re not ready to own.

Saying things we’re not ready to say.

Making decisions we’re not ready to make.

And surely I could find a way to convince my soul to make a different decision, if I just review the facts a little bit longer and keep checking things out and making more lists and convincing myself that things are, actually, different to what my soul knows them to be?!

Well –

No. Not really. Not ever.

Once your soul knows, it KNOWS.

And there’s nothing you can do to convince it otherwise.

Oh, you’ll do a great job trying, I’m sure!

You’ll go about your life doing all the things that look like you’ve made the right decision…

…pretending it’s all OK

…pretending you’re not slowly dying inside

…pretending that you’ve made it work out

But really?

No. It just can’t ever be.

If your soul is not on board, no amount of convincing is ever going to fully, 100% connect you with the decision you’ve made, the action you’re taking, the words that you’re saying.

You can’t fight it. Not if you want to feel fully lit up in life. Not if you want to truly flourish.

Put your soul back in charge and let it tell your brain what to do. Your brain’s a great manager – it can do all the things it’s told to do – but it’s needs proper guidance first.

It needs your soul to take charge, set the course, give the directions.

Your soul is the leader.

LET IT LEAD (ha, I didn’t intend to get all shouty, but I hit capslock by mistake so I’m gonna go with it!).

And when your soul is leading, that’s when the magic happens.

Remember –

You were born to flourish!



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