You have the power to decide

You 100% have the power to decide to be happy right now.

No more waiting.

No more bullshit reasons about why you can’t be happy now.

No more “I’ll be happy when…” nonsense.

It’s not about the thing you want to own…

Or the way you want to look…

Or the situation you want to be in…

None of those will suddenly bring you lasting happiness.

Why not skip all the excuses, all the procrastination, the delays and just allow the happiness to flow?

It’s inside of you already, gorgeous!

Make the choice, switch it on.

So many people think that happiness comes after owning something, doing something, becoming something.

But they’re wrong.

I used to do it, too, though, so I completely get it!

I thought I had to have THE body, be earning THE income, living in THE house, doing THE work, with THE relationships.

I thought without those things, I couldn’t be happy. Because, you know, why should I settle for less than I know I’m born for?!

And then I realised, what if I DID never achieve those things (which of course I will and am already in the process of doing 😉)? But what if I mess up and it takes ages or I get in my own way and prevent it happening?

Am I really willing to spend the rest of my life putting off being happy? HELL NO!

Don’t fall into that trap of delaying your happiness while you wait to achieve something.

Claim it now, today, this moment.

Decide and then let it be.

Choose to focus all of your attention, at the expense of all else, on things that bring you a sense of happiness.

Re-frame situations which feel like a burden until you can see the gift and then bask in your appreciation of that.

There is no time other than right now.

Your sparkly life is waiting for you 😊

Remember -

You were born to flourish!



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