You are not your emotions

There are a million ways NOT to say this and probably no one really good way of actually saying it and I can feel myself resisting even approaching this topic but here goes...

You are not, in anyway, your emotions.

You are not sad.

You are not angry.

You are not frustrated.

No matter how much you insist that you are, you are not, never have been, never will be your emotions.

You just aren’t.

Sure, it feels like it’s you. It feels impossible to separate yourself from them.

But that doesn’t make you them.

They’re simply a reflection of the stories you’re telling yourself. They’re just the physical manifestation of the energy of the words going round and round in your (likely unconscious) brain.

You’re not sad. You’re thinking sad thoughts.

You’re not angry. You’re thinking angry thoughts.

You’re not frustrated. You’re thinking frustrated thoughts.

And the more you think those thoughts, the more you notice things that continue to feed the story you’re telling yourself and the more you start to identify with BEING those emotions.

I’m a sad person. I’m an angry person.

I’m a frustrated person.

No, you’re not. You’ve just got really good at telling yourself stories that make you feel sad, or angry or frustrated.

And the better you get at identifying with them, the harder it becomes to break yourself free from them because now everything you see or hear or do is seen or heard or done through the lens of BEING that sad/angry/frustrated version of yourself.

And so you fuel your belief that this is the way things are and you can’t possibly do anything about it.

It’s out of your control. The world is just a sad place. People just make you angry. Everything is frustrating.

It’s all being done TO you. You can’t change it. It’s just the way it is.

But maybe one day, you’ll wake up and realise that this isn’t the truth.

Maybe one day you’ll discover yourself laughing in a moment of carefree abandon and wonder how you managed to just laugh when you’re really such a sad person, and see that it’s because you disrupted your sad stories and replaced them, momentarily, with a happy one.

And you’ll start actively looking for things that allow yourself to tell yourself those happy thoughts more and more often because it feels so good! It’s such a welcome change!

And you’ll go on a mission to laugh and play and appreciate and connect and before you realise it, you’ll no longer identify as a sad/angry/frustrated person!

Those unwanted thoughts don’t preoccupy your mind because your time is spent actively looking for things that light you up and fill your head with stories about all the things you can be and do and have and feel.

And you’ll realise that all along those emotions were just there to let you know “Hey, things aren’t quite right at the moment. We need to do something different.” They weren’t there because that’s just who you were. They weren’t there because you were just unlucky. They weren’t there because life had dealt you a shitty hand.

They were there as a gift! A ticket into a new world of thought discipline.

You never had to push aside the feelings you were feeling. You just had to acknowledge them and recognise that you are separate from them. That they don’t define you unless you let them.

And then decide, over and over and over again, to think something different.

To think the thoughts you WANT to think in order to feel the way you WANT to FEEL!

Want to feel full of energy and vitality? Great! Tell yourself stories about how energised and full of vitality you are! How grateful you are for all this energy you have. How easy everything feels now that you have so much energy!

Want to feel inspired? Tell yourself stories about how inspired you are! How easily inspiration flows to you! How caught up you are in the wonder and magic of the world and how grateful you are for all the inspiration you have!

Want to feel appreciated? Tell yourself stories about how appreciated you are! Appreciate everyone and everything around you. Tell anyone who’ll listen how appreciative you are for all the appreciation everyone feels for you!

Do you see? Our thoughts have the power to create our lives.

Our lives become the stories that we tell.

Make yours a good one! Make it a page turner! A couldn’t-put-it-down-er! Make it beautiful or magical or gripping or inspiring or whatever – but don’t make it something you don’t want it to be.

It’s your choice – choose wisely!

Remember –

You were born to flourish!



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