We can do better than return to normal

We can do better than return to normal.

When all of this is over (not that it will ever really all be over), surely, the last thing we want is to go back to how things were?

This isn’t about returning to our old version of normality.

That version of ‘normal’ didn’t really work for most of us.

Where we had to pretend to be OK with working in jobs that suck the life out of us…

…pretending to be fine with everything.

We were not fine.

We were not OK.

We were just getting good at pretending.

We’d worn the mask of acceptance for so long that we almost convinced even ourselves that things were OK.

But our souls knew the truth…

Our bodies knew the truth…

And day by day, we grew sicker and sadder, sicker and sadder…

Stripped of our connection to life, to love, to nature, to possibility, to power.

Forced to conform and fit in with the crowd and do what we were expected to do.

All the time dying inside while the world around us suffers a similar fate.

Sicker and sadder.

But now we find ourselves paused.

No longer forced to show up in the old way, not yet ready to try out a new way.

We’re in our cocoon, metamorphosising, preparing, poised.

We’re breaking down the old barriers that kept us caterpillar-like, turning to mush the old constraints and rules and beliefs.

Closed off to the world around us. Isolated. Cocooned. Protected.

And somehow, in that container, we manage to find freedom.

The irony, that with all the physical freedom we had before the lock down, that the real freedom should come from confinement, but there it is.

We’re free to choose how we live.

Free to re-imagine our world.

Free to re-write the rules and beliefs.

Free to be whomever we choose while no one is watching.

Practicing. Strengthening. Getting ready to soar.

So that when the time comes, we can open up our beautiful wings and show off our true colours for the world to see.

The world doesn’t need you to still be a caterpillar on the other side of this lock down.

It needs you to be a butterfly.

It needs you to be the change you’ve been longing for.

To come out showing your new self.

Sharing your beliefs

Living by your values

Owning your new choices

Committed to making the world a more beautiful place. Showing other caterpillars what they’re here to live up to.

We can do better than return to ‘normal’.

We can return to beauty, love, truth, connection, presence, authenticity.

We can return to ourselves.

It’s what we were born for.

Remember –

You were born to flourish!



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