Unbecoming yourself

It just suddenly hit me…the ridiculousness of the whole thing.

The idea that anyone should ever need to be told that it’s OK to be themselves.

How have we created a society where anyone ever has to doubt that?

At what point did the first person go, “Oh, actually, I need to be more like them and less like me. I need to squash down how I feel and pretend it doesn’t matter and act as though I’m someone else”?

For how long have we been raising children to conform with other people’s wishes and needs and desires rather than their own?

How have we got here?

Who decided? Who made that decision?

“This is the way everyone should be. This way is good. That way is bad. From now on, you should all act this way.”

Why did anyone listen?!

All those years of hiding what you really think, avoiding what you really feel,

numbing the pain,

shaming yourself,

beating yourself up,

trying to make yourself the same.

For WHO?

Some imaginary concept of right and wrong, good and bad?!

That’s not what we need!

We need differences.


New thinking.

Cracked open, vulnerable, authentic, conscious.

We need YOU! All of those parts of you that you’ve been hiding.

All of those parts of you that you were told or made to feel weren’t enough or were too much or too weird.

You were made that way for a reason. To shake things up. To cut through all that sameness.

We don’t need sameness. We need DIFFERENT!

Sameness isn’t working for us. Sameness is mediocrity. It’s boring. It’s life-destroying. It’s energy sucking. It’s exhausting.

Different. Is. Everything.

Different is brilliant and bold and challenging and disruptive and messy and beautiful and AUTHENTIC!

Different is who you are and who you were born to be and THE WORLD NEEDS YOU NOW!

Isn’t is time to let your different out? To UNBECOME the version of yourself that you thought you had to be now that you know better?

You can.


Remember -

You were born to flourish!



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