This or something better

This or something better…

This or something better…

This or something better…

Always remind yourself. It’s this, or something better.

Fully adopt the belief that whatever you’ve got going on is the best you can have RIGHT NOW…

…but ONLY right now!

It’s only the best for as long as it is.

For as long as you need it.

For as long as it lights you up.

For as long as you FEEL it.

As soon as things change, even tiny-butterfly-flapping-wings changes, new possibilities open up.

They’re there, even if you can’t see them yet.

They’re there, even if you still need it/feel it/get lit up by it.

When things change, it’s never a bad thing, as long as you remember that life is organising around your success.

Whatever comes out of this change will be equal to or better than what you had before.

Hold that space open for better and better things to make themselves visible to you.

Things you couldn’t even imagine before.

Things that seemed impossible because at the time, they were. But now, they’re not.

Everything is lining up to allow you to create the most amazing life, if you’ll only allow it to unfold and stop trying to force and control it.

It’s all a gift for you.

You don’t have to understand how. Let go of the freakin’ how! That’s the boring bit for the Universe to figure out for you.

Just allow and trust and appreciate what’s unfolding.

It’s all being done for you, not to you.

It’s all being done with the intention of allowing you to be the best version of yourself.

The Universe wants that to unfold. It’s in its best interest to have you showing up fully in alignment with who you came here to be. Why else were you born?

So why would anything happen other than what was there to best serve you?

To open up new opportunities beyond which you could even imagine.

To create new situations that you would never even have considered for yourself using your ego mind.

To nudge you to become the person you were destined to be.

It’s not your place to question, only to embrace and allow the unfolding.

And it’s scary as shit, I get that. I write this stuff as much for me as for you!

But it’s how we truly embrace a life beyond that which we’re currently living, beyond that which we can currently see with our physical eyes.

The Universe is always guiding us, always providing for us, always organising for us to allow us to fully express everything we were born for.

Follow the breadcrumbs and life will provide you with gift after gift after gift.

Because it’s this, or something better…always.

Remember –

You were born to flourish!



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