This is all you really need to do

We’re not stuck being the version of ourselves we were when we were younger.

We can choose.

Every day!

Am I going to show up today, or aren’t I?

Am I going to give my all today, or aren’t I?

Am I committed to seeing this through or is this another opportunity that’s going to slip through my fingers?

Don’t let the voices in your head stop you from trying, please God don’t do that!

Don’t listen to them! They’re liars! They want you to fail. They want you to play it safe.

They want you to avoid taking risks and keep everything steady and not rock the boat (why rock it when everything’s so good?!)

But it’s not good! It’s not good enough, anyway!

Because despite your successes and your accomplishments and all the wonderful things you have going on in your life, you’re still not letting yourself be you.

Not all of you.

Not the unleashed, moving at the speed of light, being and doing and having everything your mind could ever imagine version of you.

And that’s the one that matters. That’s the one you want to listen to.

Follow her to the ends of the world!

She holds all the answers to all the questions about everything you’ve never even thought to ask.

Choose each day to let her win.

She is your potential. She is your best self. She is you in all your glory.

Let her out. Let her shine. Let her consume the doubts and fears and stories of can’t, shouldn’t, better not.

She is powerful.

And she can be and do anything you let her.

You just have to let her!

That’s your job.

Not to control and plan and strategise and manage every little detail. But to allow all of what’s inside of you to come out.

She’s in there, just waiting for a tiny chink in the armour through which to break through.

Patiently, knowing that her time will come. Knowing that she just has to wait for you to be ready.

She can’t exist in the outside world until you’re ready to let her out. She’s powerful, but you still have to decide.

So day by day, hour by hour, you have to decide. Is this a moment in which I’m going to let her be visible?

Is today the day I allow my true self to be seen by the world?

Or is she going to stay tucked up again today, biding her time…

…until when?

When will I be ready if not today?

What will change tomorrow unless I change it today?

All she needs is the smallest of opportunities and then your willingness to release and allow.

To surrender to the inevitable unleashing of all that you are and all that you came here to be.

She’ll do all the work. She’s been waiting your whole life for this moment!

She’s ready. She knows exactly what to do.

You just have to trust. Let her out. Surrender. Allow.

And remember –

You were born to flourish!



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