Let her out

If you would just allow even half of your power to shine through, you’d move mountains!

We’re powerful beyond measure, each and every one of us.

But we hide from it, scared we’ll upset someone. Scared we’ll be less that we know we can be. Scared we won’t fit inside our carefully constructed lives anymore.

But that power!

It’s undeniable.

It calls to us to listen.

Whispering a promise of what could be if we would just allow.

Just surrender.

Just commit to being all that we came here to be.

So many years of armour that’s we’ve been building around us. So much fear of who we could be and what we could achieve.

I hear her calling to me. The voice inside that represents my full power and possibility.

She doesn’t judge where I’m at. She doesn’t condemn me for what I’ve made of my life so far.

There’s no resentment. No impatience. No frustration.

But she won’t be silent.

She’s just there, biding her time.

Waiting for the day that I finally recognise the truth, that I can be anything I want to be, do anything I want to do.

She knows that my work is to break her free. To shake off the armour I’ve collected over the years that keeps her locked away inside.

She’ll always be there for me, waiting for the day that I’ve finally released enough of the chains to claim her as who I really am.




My life’s work therefore is surely nothing other than to find things which support the unleashing of her.

To find ways to shake off the armour.

To find ways to release the chains.

To dispel the limiting beliefs and old stories that keep her hidden in darkness.

To shine the light on her so that she may be seen.

All that I am and all that I came here to be is within, waiting to be freed.

She whispers my name, reminding me of her presence.

Tick tock tick tock

I’m still here

You can’t hide from me. I am you.

I’m waiting. I’ll never go away.

You don’t need to be scared.

Yes, things will be different. But they’ll be better. So much better!

You were born in this world so that I may be seen. So that I could share my gifts with the world through you.

Trust me. I am your gift.

I am the stars and the light and the energy that creates worlds.

I am everything that you need, that they need, that the WORLD needs!

I am perfection.

Let me out.

Remember –

You were born to flourish!



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