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There is a place for you in this world.

It was specially created the day you were born. Maybe before.

It’s the perfect size and shape just for you.

It’s uniquely yours.

It can’t be filled by anybody else, just as you can’t fill anybody else’s place.

It should be obvious, and yet over and over we try to make ourselves fit in.

Are YOU trying to fit into someone else’s place? Trying to wedge yourself in?

Maybe you’ve been in it for a while. It might even not be that uncomfortable.

But there’s just enough of a tension, a tightness squashing you that you can’t quite ignore it.

You’ve tried to….for years, you’ve tried to pretend that this is your place. This is the life that was designed for you.

Maybe you’ve become so good at pretending that no one else can see the truth. Maybe you’ve even almost convinced yourself!

But in the quietest moments, when you’re alone with your thoughts, the niggling voice comes up again.


This isn’t the right one. You’ve made a mistake. This was designed for someone else.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with this place. It’s just not yours.

But it would be so easy to keep putting up with it. Maybe you could just try a bit harder. Maybe you’ve just not been committed enough to making it work out.

You know this place so well, it’s almost…ALMOST…the right place. So close!

But not close enough.

You can’t quite create the room you need to feel completely comfortable, to feel completely free to stretch out and take up space and dance and move and be all that you came to be.

You’re being stunted. Squashed. Forced to contort yourself into a life that belongs to someone else.

All the while, the place that was designed for you, that YOU ALONE can occupy, is sat there, waiting.

Waiting for you to say, “I’m done pretending.”

Waiting for you to assume your rightful role.

Waiting for you to decide that you’re no longer willing to put up with anything less than what has been perfectly designed for you.

You can tell when someone’s living in their perfect place.

They’re completely comfortable in their being.

They take up all the space they need. Vast. Unapologetic.

And why would they apologise? There are no restrictions in your perfect place. No one else to cramp. No bustling for arm room.

There’s just space for you to be you.

Go claim your place.

Put your welcome mat down.

Pop open the bubbly.

And celebrate coming home.

Remember –

You were born to flourish!



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