Coronavirus lock down: our gift to the planet on Earth Day 2020

Being in lock down appears to be the very thing the world needed to re-evaluate what its priorities and values are.

For those that choose to take it, this period in confinement is a beautiful gift that can offer more stillness, more connection to self and spirit, more wholeness, more mindfulness, more intentional action that we’ve every given ourselves the time to achieve.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and although the events that were due to take place in celebration have had to be cancelled, what better gift can we give the planet than to take time to reconnect with the Earth, to remember how alive we feel in nature, how centred, peaceful, inspired?

To take the time to remember that we are of the earth and return to the earth and every harmful action we take toward the planet is ultimately a harmful action towards ourselves.

We can’t separate ourselves from the health of the planet. We depend on it.

And the state of the planet is a window into the state of our souls.

Some people are shocked by the way other people can be so disconnected from the state of the planet and the way we humans abuse it.

But those who abuse it, disrespect it, disregard it, are able to do so only because that’s the way they treat themselves, or are used to being treated by others.

Those who love the earth, who draw their inspiration, their energy, their grounding from it have found a way to recognise a deeper truth that we are and always have been and always will be interconnected.

The energy of earth runs through our veins and when we cut the earth, we cut ourselves.

We cut ourselves off from empathy.

We cut ourselves off from peace.

We cut ourselves off from prosperity and abundance.

When we treat the Earth as though we have a right to pilfer her resources for our own gains with no regard for the consequences, we’re sticking a middle finger up at the whole of humanity.

For our actions affect everyone and are felt much more widely than we can imagine.

Our acts of hate and disrespect towards the Earth darken our souls and seep into every relationship, every action, every thought we have. And so we ourselves become polluted, just like our seas.

But every thought of love, appreciation, joy at the wonders of the living world spreads a balm that soothes the aching heart of planet and people alike.

Because we become that love.

We become that appreciation.

We become that joy.

And every opportunity to express it reunites us to the long forgotten knowing that we are all one consciousness, inseparable from the planet and inseparable from each other.

We are each other. We are the planet.

It’s the same energy, the same life force, running through all of us.

So when we see the truth about our connection, remember that those that haven’t yet woken up from their sleepy haze of selfishness and isolation need our love and understanding, our commitment to helping them wake up.

Anger and hate about what they’re doing is still anger and hate.

And anger and hate pollute the air, the streams, the forests, the creatures and the seas just as much as their poisonous gases and toxic waste.

Remember –

You were born to flourish!



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