Don't do it!!

If you’re not taking aligned action from a place of flow, then aren’t you just wasting your time?

Putting in more energy than is really required

Forcing yourself to push through the mundane, the tedious, the boring

Even the good-but-not-good-enough stuff

Driven by fear or frustration or a sense of duty

Worried that you won’t progress unless you just get on and do it

Scared to say no, not now, not ever

When really you could just be playing!

All light and easy and flowy and la-di-da

And still doing the work…definitely still doing that

This isn’t about sitting around twiddling your thumbs all day.

This is about taking action that’s led by your soul.

That fires you up. That shakes things up. That turns you on.

That wakes you up, deep within. Puts a fire in your belly and a rocket up your backside.

Work that brings you into alignment with Source and frees your creativity and connects you to your truth.

Anything other than THAT work, right now, is a waste of your time.

‘Yeah, but Tam, what if I have a deadline? What if I have something I really have to do RIGHT NOW?!’

Well, first, no. You probably don’t. Not really. Not if you’ve committed to living life in this way, showing up as you, for you. You set the timetable. You decide the deadlines. Your soul always knows what needs to be done when. And it always works out.

Second…well, there is no second really. Either you’ve made that commitment to live life on your terms and you know in your soul that doing anything other than what you’re aligned with doing in that moment is a monumental waste of your time, or… or you haven’t decided that and then I can’t do much to help you.

The only concession is that sometimes you’re not feeling in flow and there IS something you WANT to get done.

Ideally we’d all go through life so fired up and switched on that we always felt called to do those things that really serve us on a soul-level, but sometimes, we just don’t feel it.

And that’s OK.

But what’s not OK in those moments is to let our emotions dictate how we show up.

So how do you break out of this paradoxical situation? The ‘only do things when in flow…don’t let not being in flow stop you from showing up’ thing?!

You get really good at getting into a flow state. Even when you don’t want to. Even when you don’t feel like it. Even when your head’s telling you you can’t.

Because all that aside, once you DO get into flow, none of that will matter anymore and you can go back to doing your thang all day long.

Being in flow cuts out all the mind chatter. Obliterates all the uncertainty and self-doubt. Boosts your energy to incomparable levels.

So all you have to do is get and stay in flow. And repeat as necessary.

Then go do your work.

Remember –

You were born to flourish!



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