Are you trusting that life has your back?

Are you trusting that life has your back?

I mean fully trusting, with all that you are, that no matter what happens or what seems to be happening, the Universe is organising around your success?

Or are you too afraid to completely let go, to completely give in to that being the case, because what if…

…it turns out you were wrong?

What if you put your faith in to the Universe and you got nothing back in return? Or worse, everything fell apart and you ended up further away from where you wanted to be?

But can’t you see that that in itself would be a gift? A special gift, exactly as you need, from the Universe to you, to show you what you need to do, where you need to go, what you need to focus on?

That very falling apart is the Universe supporting you, organising everything to give you exactly the experiences you need in order to fully show up as the best version of yourself.

It’s scary and oh so different to how we normally show up –

I must control everything

I must make sure all these things happen

I must do everything in order to get things to happen just so

But the Universe is there saying (if you’ll listen) –

No, that’s my job. Let me figure out the how. Let me sort the details. I’ll do the organising.

You just tell me what you want…what your soul NEEDS…and then relax. Go have fun. Play. Be silly. Get creative. Meditate. Be appreciative for all that you are and all that you’re becoming and all that you have around you.


And when the time is right, there it will be. All sorted. All organised. All taken care of.

Not that you won’t have to do any work, because of course, it’s all about the work and the showing up and the discipline.

But not in the way you’ve been imagining.

The work, the showing up, the discipline…they’re all about you allowing yourself to unfold, to open up, to relax into being all that you came here to be.

They’re about having fun with life. Dancing with possibility. Flirting with opportunity.

They’re about being. Just practising the being, and then in the practising the being, the doing just sort of happens. Without you even noticing sometimes. Without any fuss. Without any resistance. Without any hardship.

Effortless, fun, fulfilling, uplifting.

Ta da!

It’s done!

Thank you, Universe!

Remember –

You were born to flourish!



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