Mum-Guilt Freedom

Is there anything that we can't make ourselves feel guilty about? No matter what we do, it sometimes never feels good enough. We might be trying to build our career but feel guilty about taking time away from the family. We might be trying to foster independence in our child but feel guilty when we watch them struggling with something. We might have taken the decision to bottle feed (or been forced into bottle feeding) our baby and then be left wracked with guilt about the health implications. Nothing like being a Mum to pile on the guilt. And nothing like other Mums to add to it!

Whichever way you play it, there's always something that feels like it should be better, and there's no one like a Mum to make herself feel bad for not being perfect.

If you're feeling...

  • guilty, for whatever reason

  • judged by others

  • unable to find the right balance for you and/or your family

  • critical of yourself and your choices

  • exhausted by the constant questioning of whether you're doing things 'the right way' or not

  • paralysed by all the choices for parenting and which one is 'best'

...and you'd like to feel...

  • confident in your decision making

  • relaxed about your choices

  • impervious to others' opinions about your choices

  • resilient to people's questioning and well intentioned advice

  • free to make decisions that support you and your family

  • able to say NO and stand up for what you believe

...get in touch today and let's kick that Mum guilt to the kerb!

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