Home Harmony Helper

Once you become a parent, your whole world shifts. You probably had huge dreams and hopes for how their life would turn out (maybe just likes yours, or maybe the complete opposite) but despite your efforts, things aren't going to plan. 

You might find yourself constantly nagging your child to tidy up after themselves, be battling with them to eat their vegetables, scared that they're missing out on succeeding in school or life, or arguing with your partner about the consequences that should be applied when your child acts up.

All of these things can lead to parenting feeling incredibly challenging and exhausting, particularly if you and your partner aren't on the same page or you're unsupported in your parenting.

If you're feeling...

  • stressed

  • exhausted

  • hopeless

  • defeated

  • at your wits end

  • scared or worried about your child's behaviour, performance at school or their health

...or you're experiencing...

  • a constant battle of wills

  • tension in your relationship with your partner or parents/in-laws

  • arguments about school, life, friendship groups or general choices your child is making in life

  • a loss of connection with your child

  • difficult or rebellious behaviour from your child

  • stress during exam periods

...and you'd like to feel...

  • reassured that everything will be OK

  • reconnected with your child

  • on the same page as your partner

  • resilient to the challenges of parenting

  • like you've regained some influence over your child's decision making

...get in touch today and let's work together to help restore harmony in your home.