Helping you and your children to flourish

Bringing harmony back into your home

We all want to experience peace when we're at home; to foster deep, loving relationships with our children and partner. To recharge our batteries ready to go out and do our thing. But the reality for many is that home is a tense environment, full of anger, resentment, frustration and exhaustion. 

It often seems that no matter our intention, or how hard we try, we can't create the kind of relationships we're wanting to. Rather than giving our children the things we never had, we seem to be repeating the same patterns of shaming, blaming and upsetting our kids that we experienced in our own childhood. 

Working in partnership with you, I will help you release limiting beliefs, old stories and unhelpful patterns so that you can bring harmony back into your home.

Hey there! I'm Tamsin...


...transformational Feminine Power Leader, qualified life coach and certified EFT Practitioner, specialising in helping parents transform their relationships with their children.

Welcome to my online home. Let's do extraordinary things together!

I'm driven by a desire to help parents break free from their own conditioning and raise their children in a way in which both parent and child can flourish.

It's time to model a new way of being to your children, to free them from your old traumas and patterns, and restore peace and harmony in your home life.

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How you can work with me

I offer 1:1 sessions online, either individually or in blocks of 4, 8 or 12, depending on how deeply you want to go with your healing. In some cases, you may experience a powerful shift after one session. In other cases, you may need to continue working on an issue for several months. To find out more about working together 1:1, go to my 1:1 page. I offer payment plans for all of my packages, helping you spread the cost in affordable monthly instalments.

Occasionally, I offer group sessions, workshops or online courses. You can find out if I have anying coming up on my Programmes page. 

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